Digital artworks and publication design for Socionic’s debut album, Identity.

Concept album art, including visual artworks to accompany each song on the "Identity" release and packaging for LA based progressive/metal/rock band.

Creative Direction: Michael Meinhart/Socionic
Art direction, Digital Artist, Publication Design: Valp Maciej Hajnrich


Illustrations for Concept Album


Illustrations for each song from the Identity: "Epiphany", "Ignorant Idiot", "Prodigal", "Aisa Morta" and "Stain Serenity".


Packaging and Merchandise Design


Album Art Creation Process


First work-in-progress version and more references for detail execution.


All illustrations were completed in Photoshop only (no 3D software) with photomanipulation and digital painting techniques.

Poster size vs. Cover/booklet

Poster size vs. Cover/booklet